The Otonomist — February 2022 Issue

3 min readFeb 24, 2022

This month we examine how tokens and equity can co-exist within the same Web3 project. We also discuss why the C-Corp may be back with a vengeance in crypto and guide you through its setup. First, we show our new feature which lets users control their onchain LLC using a DAO multi-sig wallet. We also invite you to our next OtoCo webinar. Happy BUIDLing!

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Have a DAO multi-sig wallet control your LLC using Gnosis SAFE

Many OtoCo users have created LLCs as wrappers for various crypto projects and DAOs.

In some cases, projects seek to maximize decentralization and require several people to have access to their LLC’s dashboard within OtoCo.

This is why we created a dApp within Gnosis SAFE, the leading provider of multi-signature wallets.

Thanks to this integration, it is now possible to create an LLC that is owned and operated by a multi-sig wallet. This means all signers of the multi-sig can access the OtoCo dashboard and approve transactions for the LLC.

As a result, it has never been easier for decentralized projects to gain legal benefits for their DAO.

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Double dip: Should you go for tokens, equity, or both when investing in a Web 3 project?

In theory, tokens are meant to capture all value in a Web3 project.

Nonetheless, some projects raise equity funding too.

Can the two co-exist and as an investor, should you “double dip”?

This is the question we examine further in this month’s thought piece.

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Back With A Vengeance: The Delaware C-Corp ($)

From Ben 10’s “Back With A Vengeance” (Courtesy Cartoon Network Studios)

As an investable operational company, the C-Corp remains the gold standard as part of an entity stack for cashflow-generative Web3 projects that look to raise outside money.

In this paid post, we provide a guide to its setup and capital structure, including:

  • A questionnaire to help you focus the mind on what issues to consider and further research before you engage with outside investors.
  • 82 (!) pages of instantly useful templates and agreements for your new C-Corp.
  • A template Certificate of Incorporation ready to be adapted and filed to activate your C-Corp within 24 hours via

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Next month we’ll have an update on new OtoCo features currently under development and we’ll talk about OtoCo’s early governance experiment. We’ll also take a close look at the legal nexus between DAOs and legal entities in general and LLCs in particular.

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