The Otonomist — January 2022 Issue

3 min readJan 27, 2022

In this first Otonomist of 2022, we reveal our new website for Otonomos, talk about how investment clubs have changed, and share the 2022 development roadmap for OtoCo.

Keep the spirits high despite down markets!

Han, Founder and CEO,


Towards Full Otonomy!

We start 2022 with a spanking new website for Otonomos.

It is now easier than ever to assemble your entity rig and handpick extra gear for your journey into crypto land.

We let you arbitrage 12 jurisdictions with a choice of 15 corporate structures and more coming soon. Alternatively, you can form an entity on blockchain using your Ethereum wallet with our OtoCo entity assembler.

Checkout is in crypto or fiat and the entire order process is fully online.

> Go to now to start building from anywhere or book a paid 30-mins call if you need some guidance on an optimal structure.

Read more about it here!


Investment Clubs Have Changed: A Closer Look at Decentralized Investment Pools

Web3 brings smart contracts to the tried format of offline investment clubs by turning wallets into decentralized investment pools (we call them “DIPs”) that let investors easily contribute and communally decide on what to invest in.

Combined with onchain legal wrappers such as OtoCo’s Series LLC, new ideas are discussed via Telegram or Discord rather than over a beer and instant and cheap DIPs can be spawned for ad hoc deals.

In this post, we take a closer look and share a template to help you start your own club.

Start your own club!


OtoCo’s 2022 Roadmap: New Functions, More Product and Faster Technology

In this new “Attested Development” section of The Otonomist, we want to attest to our development results, measuring what we promise against what we deliver. We start with our 2022 development roadmap which we finalized this month and which we plan to use as a measure of our progress for the year.

OtoCo is the name we use for our automated Web3 company assembler and DAO tooling site.

Whilst Otonomos offers offchain entities, OtoCo lets users “tinker different” by spawning up an organization onchain, instant and at very low cost.

OtoCo’s end goal is to turn companies into code, from the way they are formed to how they get funding to how they govern themselves.

This involves a wholesale translation of analog business logic into smart contract code.

Our 2022 development roadmap puts clear markers on this goal, scheduling new functionality, more product and faster technology.

See the full roadmap!

Next month: Expect the February Otonomist in your inbox as usual on the last Thursday of the month.

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Otonomos helps doers and investors in the crypto and blockchain community around the world form, fund and govern their legal entities, both offchain and onchain